Washing Machine

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Home appliances break down at the worst possible times! However, if your washing machine malfunctions or breaks down completely, your entire home routine is put at risk. A malfunctioning washing machine isn’t always a sign of impending doom. Though, as long as the problem is addressed quickly, you may not have to pay for a costly replacement. As a result, it’s advisable to always have a trusted washing machine repair and service center in Mumbai in contact.

Warning Signs to keep an eye out for when using your washing machine:

Weird Noises

Your clothes should be tumbling in the dryer without making much noise as long as there are no coins in your pants pocket. A simple rearrangement of your laundry will often solve the problem, but this should only be attempted mid-cycle in a top-loading washer, not a front-loading one.

It appears like the washer is leaking

It’s not your washing machine’s job to start a flood; it’s designed to clean your clothes. Do not use your machine until you know what’s wrong and if any puddles are collecting. In most cases, it’s an issue with the washing machine’s water supply, which can be fixed by a trained professional in a few hours or so.

To avoid the formation of mold, be sure to mop up any standing water as quickly as possible. If you found difficulty in doing this, reach out to your local washing machine repair and service center in Mumbai.

Electrical Issue at Play

If your washer won’t turn on at all, check to see if it’s connected in. There are instances when the machine shakes so fiercely that it pulls the plug on itself as a caution not to over or under-load your washer.

Extension cords and surge protectors should not be used while the washer is still connected to the main socket. An extension cord can’t deliver the electricity needed by the washing machine’s motor, which might lead to an unexpected shutdown. Let the computer cool down before resuming if this is the problem.


If you notice any of the above signs and the warning signs seem to be going on the higher end, then immediately reach out to a good washing machine repair and service center in Mumbai. In case, you have any more doubts, feel free to make a call at www.mumbaihomeappliancesservicecentre24x7.com. The company is acknowledged to provide repairing services to washing machines, microwave ovens and almost all kinds of home appliances.